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Clam Chowder, Seafood Gumbo, Crab Cakes, Sauteed Calamari, Chicken Tenders, Shrimp Skewers, U-Peel Shrimp, Salads, Pastas, Desserts and much more!!!  (Click to view.)

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Clam Chowder               $16   per quart        $60 per gallon

Seafood Gumbo            $16   per quart  

Conch Fritter Platter    $26       48 fritters

Hush Puppies                 $ 6       20 puppies

Buffalo Combo             $47     2 lbs chicken & shrimp tossed in our

                    Buffalo sauce and served w/Blue Cheese or Ranch dressing

Fish Spread Platter       $18       per pint

Mussels                           $28       4 Lbs Mussels

Sautéed Calamari         $24       serves 4-6



Fried Chicken                  $42     4 lbs chicken tenders with Honey Mustard Dressing                                                       

Fried Shrimp                   $54     4 lbs shrimp with Cocktail Sauce                                                            

Grilled Shrimp                 $33       10 shrimp skewers & 24 oz rice

Grilled Tilapia                  $24       6 fillets & 24 oz rice

Grilled Chicken                $19      6 breast fillets & 24 oz rice

Sautéed Crab Cakes       $74   30 small cakes (with island sauce)



Fried Shrimp               $9.50 pound   just shrimp no sauce

Fried Fish                     $6      pound    just fish no sauce

Fried Scallops              $12   pound    just scallops no sauce


 The PARTY continues

PASTA PANS (Linguini or Penne)   Full pan of pasta serves 10 – 12

Shrimp or Chicken           $75  full   $40   half

Seafood                             $84  full    $44   half   

Shrimp Creole                  $72  full    $38   half    with rice    


SALADS   (full pan serves 12 – 15 )

Caesar Salad            $25       Romaine lettuce, croutons, parmesan cheese                                              

House Salad             $22       salad green mix, cucumbers, tomatoes & croutons

Half Salads               $11       half pan of House or Caesar



Cole Slaw                             $ 7    per quart

Diablo Sauce                       $ 9    per quart

Pasta Cream Sauce            $ 9    per quart

Cocktail Sauce                    $ 4    per pint

Tartar Sauce                       $ 4    per pint

Bread                                   $.79   loaf



Whole Key Lime Pie          $22    9” cut for 8 servings

Whole Cheesecake            $28   12” cut for 12 servings

 Call Shells at 321 722 1122 to order or to set up an appointment with a Shells’ Party Planner to CUSTOMIZE your party or event. We can arrange to serve most of the items on our regular menu with some advance notice.